Wednesday, 27 June 2012

What would Dave do?

We have recently had a holiday for two, daughter and me. Her treat for all that hard studying for gcse's etc. She didn't go for the option of a festival and 5 days in the mud like my son did previously. A lady of sophisticated tastes.
Little did I know that we would meet Dave and Ken. I think Daughter and I secretly fell for our new holiday companions. Dave was in his late 20's, a man very laid back almost horizontal. And who wouldn't be when they had managed to gamble their way to a successful multi million pound pot of dosh and quit whilst he was ahead. His winnings also included a boutique hotel where he worked incognito in the bar ans well as some post country house in Yorkshire. He was also quite god looking too - sort of  mash up between Channing Tatum & Taylor Lautner in a less tanned way. But if you thought it was great all the way he had lost both his parents in a terrible accident when he was 12 and been brought up by his uncle James, a keen gambler, along with is much younger sister but his elder brother couldn't hack it and had justdisappeared. Poor love.

Ken on the other hand was a bit older and if you screwed your eyes up looked like a dark haired version of a scruffy Brad Pitt. He was in his early 30's and had given his career up as some sort of designer in an architectural practice after his wife had died and became a Landscape architect. He was often found apparently in his Land Rover Defender covered in mud with his dog, Woof, as a companion. ( As doggie people we were keen to know the breed bit it was some sort of cross breed lurcher and black thing .) He also liked to wander around naked when at home which was one fact we didn't need to know.
We couldn't understand how these two became friends but apparently it was over Jamie Oliver recipes when both found themselves in the supermarket shopping for the same ingredients. From there a love of food grew, a passion for 5 a side footie and beer. Ken had only recently found about Dave's wealth ( although we don't think he knew the full extent of all those zeros) but that didn't seem to impress him that much. A true Bro-mance. Dave made us laugh and we often found ourselves saying "What would Dave say?" or "would Ken like this?"
Oh yes we had struck gold with such handsome funny guys for holiday companions.Here are a couple of photos of our new friends.....................

That's right, meet Ken & Dave, our alter egos. It all started when She-ra said she'd been calling herself Dave in the mirror when she realised she had a beard. Blessed with over-active imaginations and a lot of time on our hands we fell for these guys and now I want one. Will you be my Ken or Dave? Hello Dave?


  1. I have no words. I quite fancy Dave though.

  2. Oooh I was all ready for tales of romance there....although Ken is a bit of an old fashioned name for someone in their 30's?..

  3. I suspect you will have frightened away any secret millionaires that might have cropped up on holiday as who would chat up two women calling each other Ken and Dave and one with a beard at that!

  4. Ahhhh! May Dave and Ken Mark II make an appearance when you're least expecting it!. My son's off to a festival (T in the Park) this weekend,too! And again he'll buy me a tee shirt that he'll lose (besides his tent) on the way home!