Monday, 21 May 2012

Gold Medallists

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First past the post, that the aim of the game. The Olympics embraces the competitive spirit something that we seems to beating out of our children  in schools as we see Sports days diminish, stickers awarded for just taking part and being first second or third no longer being celebrated. I am not sure this really prepares youngsters for later in life where competition run strong in the big wide world.

However enough of my mini rant as the Royal Mail are certainly embracing competitive spirit and are setting their goals high with the introduction of not just a new sets of stamps which will make brilliant souvenirs but they have set the bar even higher. High enough for a champion high jumper even. Oh yes they are going to produce a stamp which will feature, wherever possible, photographs of the Team GB athlete or team in action from their gold medal winning final. This will be the first time any host country has used action shots for Gold Medal stamps and issued them next day, during the Games. This will also be a first for next day stamps from Royal MailThat sounds like quite a challenge to me. If TeamGB win as many gold or even more than the 19 they won in Beijing that will be an enormous feat for Royal Mail.  The self same stamp will be on sale the very next day. How do they do this? This is some challenge! Will the Royal mail win a special medal too for fast turnaround? Gold for exhausted for those picture editors, graphic designers, printers and drivers will swing into action, working around the clock to bring us a wee affordable piece of Olympic & Paraolympic memorabilia.

To make sure you get yours Gold Medal stamps will be on sale at 500 selected UK Post Offices by lunchtime the next day and on after each gold medal win by Team GB. They will then be distributed three times during the Games to a further 4,500 Post Offices nationwide .Many of the 500 selected Post Offices will, for the first time, open on Sundays during the Games. They re going out all guns here.

If you want to make sure you get your paws on the stamps you can register your interest here

Cmon TeamGB! Cmon Royal Mail!

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  1. I'm not a stamp collector but I expect a lot of mums will want to put a few of these away for their grandchildren.

  2. Anything's possible in the right mindset and interest. This will really be a good moment for British history. It's tonight's Eurovision song contest with Jinglebert Humped-and-dumped I'm a bit more worried about!

  3. Iim not a stamp collector either but this sounds good. I wonder if they will do stamps of Eurovision winners? Poor old Engel