Monday, 18 June 2012

Boris Johnson is a bumble bee

She-ra & I have been chilling outside munching bacon butties and watching the world go by, making the most of the sunshine that has decided to grace us with its presence. A wee ladybird crosses our paths and we observe.

"If it could talk" starts She-ra" it would sound like..... Ray Winstone."
"What" cries I, "Ray Winstone?"
"Of course, I like the juxtaposition of a Lady sounding like Ray"
"What do wasps sound like then?" I ask
She retorts straight back "  A Mexican. A Mexican Drug Lord in fact"
"Worms then?" I continue
We were struggling then and then I decided they would  sound Scandinavian.
A very busy ant then crosses our path. I love ants.
" Ants are most definitely from Noo Yorkah" We agree and then practice our best Noo York accents which always finish with "Hey Mila Kunis" ( dont ask)
"If wasps are Mexican what about Bumble bees? I expect them to be very English, Winnie the Pooh-esque" I say
Quick as flash she replies " Boris Johnson is a Bumble Bee"

I love my daughters surreal sense of humour.


  1. My son applies this philosphy to people who wear glasses - I am an owl and dad is a bumble bee.

  2. know, your daughter's really buzzing with wit! This one was very well matched!

  3. Betty & Helena - its funny how people humanise things. My son thought caterpillars would be stoned hippies!