Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Rolling the eggs

For those of you who know us Easter means one thing, OK apart from the chocolate, egg rolling. This has been a family tradition that spans the decades and generations. There are rules, such as no hammerite or varnishing of eggs, no throwing of eggs and defeat is always conceded politely. My sister has been playing this nearly all here life, my children both have. We were 3 families but have spread to 4 which involves a pilgrimage to Scotland on rotation.
My sisters family have never ever won it whereas my side has won across all members and the scottish contingent have done so too. This year was nail biting. Brother in law came first in 2 of the 3 rounds. He surely must be a winner.We even had a victory dance, but all rather to premature. But hey no sometimes always a bridesmaid never a brides put 2nd place She-ra as clear winner. Again.

The rest of the Easter weekend has been much eating drinking and being merrying with the most lovely people ever. It is a time of year I look forward to every year. Bring on 2013


  1. Well done She-Ra. I think you should have a trophy made and brought out each year!

  2. Oh, just saw you have one - brilliant!

  3. I'm glad she didn't cry this time ... and am still laughing at the husband's premature victory lap.