Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Lesbian eye

I think you must have misheard me. The title of our most recent Book Club group was in fact Gillespie & I, Jane Harris. However like the bunch of old women we are fast becoming none of us could hear what the other one said, most likely because we all talk over each other all the time, very fast. So as we kept asking each other to repeat it we arrived at Lesbian Eye. A catchy title don't you think?

We have had some great books chosen over the past couple of years - some we wished we hadn't - that'll be the Erotic literature novel - Insatiable - insisted upon by one member even though it wasn't her turn to choose, to some greats. I have to say we all read Insatiable but it was about as erotic as a wet kiss from a dog and certainly didn't qualify for erotic literature label. I could write better "erotic" than that. To get a flavour of some of our past reads we have had in no particular order

  1. Suspicions of Mr Whicher
  2. The Road home - Rose Tremain 
  3. The Postmistress - Sarah Blake
  4. A Voyage for Madmen - Peter nichols
  5. One Day - David Nicholls - this was also my give away on the first World book day
  6. The House at Riverton - Kate Morton
  7. The Brief History of the dead - Kevin Brockmeier - On of my all time top favourites
  8. The Other Hand Chris Cleave - Inspirational
This evening we will be reviewing said Lesbians Eye and I doubt we will pause for breath. I'll let you know the next choice but in the meantime it's me and Lisbeth Salander in the last of the Millennium series. I'm reading it slowly, savouring because I know it's the end of beautiful relationship

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  1. It took me all my literal strength to donate my daughter's Anne Fine books to a worthy cause (no I don't still have Crummy Mummy!). I quite enjoy war drama's so I'll keep Sarah Blake in mind!

    Here's hoping it a cracker!