Saturday, 3 March 2012


We had been burgled (again ). I was stood in the hall of our house with local constabulary (again ). The children were toddlers and I was trying to keep them as unaware of what had happened as you could be when you back door has been broken in and your tv gone and they were hankering after dvd.

I recall serious conversations with the boys in blue. We had been burgled nearly every year we were in that damned house and this was one of the worst ones and if I remember rightly a lot of sentimental stuff going and the dog getting a kicking too.

As we discussed what had happened the fax machine in the hall kicked in whirring and pootling by the elbow of the constable. We ignored it as the paper started to pull through. But then you couldn't ignore it as I began to realise that my sister ( probably 18/19 at the time ) was sending me a photocopy of her face.


  1. OMG that's hilarious. The fax, I mean, not the burglary. That's shite.

  2. Lucky it wasn't a picture of her bum!

  3. There wasn't just one picture either. There were lots. Such is the life of an office junior

  4. We've never had a home burglary but we used to have a menswear shop that got targeted. Not the same I know :(