Thursday, 16 February 2012

Gritty stuff

Its a beach. Life. Some beaches are gorgeous soft sand but they weren't always that way. I'm no geologist but a tiny grain of sand will have started out in life as a much bigger pebble, no?

This photo was taken by my daughter for her GCSE project. She loves photography and even with her phone can take cracking photos. I'm biased I know.

To accompany this photos you need a cold February day, wet crunchy fine sand, a couple of  grandparents staggering in the sand trying to keep up, some stone skimming, the taste of the salt on your lips.

The wrinklies have this on their doorstep every day.Its just a pity they live so far away so we cant enjoy it with them more often. And one day I WILL walk to the end of the peninsula!