Monday, 30 January 2012

Crotch Sniffer

There you are, minding your own business, when suddenly there is a prod in your groin area. An insistent slightly damp kind of prod. And you know as you look down there she is, Peanut, the big brown bear of a Labrador that belongs to my sister. Not content with one crotch sniffer sister dearest has gone and got herself another one who has taking on the temperament of her old mentor. So in the no to distance future I predict crotch sniffing tag.

Meanwhile my own hound prefers nuzzling and ear flapping. Not at the same time though. One of those activities usually takes place around 2am right outside the bedroom door. She can also clear 6' fences which troubles my sister greatly and means she can no longer go stay when we are en vacance.

Other family dogs habits included Tess who had an obsession with Grumps wellies and would become amorous with the ol' welly at very embarrassing moments.  Like when you are paying the milkman or saying good night to your boyfriend.Givin it laldy was putting it mildly!

Winnie, my first dog, ate beer bottle tops and chewed a lot of stuff. And good ol Coco who could do no wrong on one of her last sleep overs at Aunties. Thanks to her I have an image etched permanently on my brain (even though no one actually witnessed said event ) of my brother in law naked sliding on a vast pool of doggy diarrhoea and having to crawl back upstairs on his elbows and knees lest his feet touched the newly laid creamcarpet with his shitty soles.


  1. I think your dog is beautiful. I have longed for a dog for years and am almost content now I can borrow my friends dog Scrappy - he's a coward and so short his tummy skims the ground but he will do. Growing up we always had a Jack Russell called Tina, Teeny Weeny or Princess Tina depending on which generation, one always sat in the pram with us as children and there are few childhood photos without a jack russell baring overshot teeth at the camera.

  2. gotta love them! Isn't it strange how we can remember a lifetime of pets and their names - especially dogs?

    My son's after a little bull dog at some point, so I'll be lucky if I ever get a crotch sniff. Ah, well. There's always the doberman next door...!