Monday, 2 January 2012

Cat shit, the awful terrible and Damocles

There is lots of blogging reflections going at the moment looking back at the last year. 2011 has to be up there with 2008 and the worst F*ckin year of my life! The lows were horrendous but the highs were wonderful and they kept me going. I'm not going to kid myself that 2012 could be my year. I'm not going to waste wishful thinking on that. However there is one thing that 2008 taught me is that I am a fighter. I am strong and I will get through this however painful. Christmas managed to arrive with out the sword of Damocles falling ( thought its still there swaying in the breeze.) In fact it has ended up being the best Christmas in  long time. See my sister's blog for a full report. By the way the second batch of Orange liqueur tasted a damn sight better than the first!
Then we get to New Year.  I have funny feelings about new year. All that reflection shit and looking back can reduce to me tears and looking for the gin bottle. My friends throw great parties but I've tended to avoid them over the past four years watching Jools Hootenanny instead and snuggling up with a hot water bottle. This year I thought bugger it. The year was so shit I needed a lift. With a number of options on the table, in the end I went for the best possible one of all. Friends party. There may have been the overwhelming smell of cat shit in the house, there may have been the the best fireworks ever set alight when no one was looking, the host may have been the most pissed I have ever seen him and ended the evening naked sprawled over all our coats. Laugh? I cried! It was the best I have had in a long time. Even Hot Date accompanied me despite being in the dog house declaring it to be a fun night. Jan 1st was good, not least for the post party tweeting and long walk, despite Dog House Joe ( hot date's alternate name ) trying to fathom his reason for top entry into the BAD BOOKS,
2012 may turn out to be fantastic year and I know that it could be worse than "the awful terrible" of 2008 but whatever it is I will be wearing killer heels, a nice bra and laughing.


  1. 'Killer heels, a nice bra and laughing' - with that mantra I think 2012 should be very good for you, once Dog House Joe is out of the kennel.

  2. I'm gonna get me some heels......

  3. Trish - He's still in the kennel! I shall have to write my mantra down so I remember it when i am feeling crap - like now.

    Libby - Heels are amazing. They have super powers. You should be able to get them on NHS!

  4. Hope 2012 is a great year for you and I love the name dog house Joe, I think I may adopt if for my son, dog house jack has a good ring to it, doncha think?

  5. lol......what a great read! There's a lot of folks out there determined to make 2012 their years, despite the boffins reminding us the world's gonna end!

    Like Gwen, I think Dog House Joe is a fab name. Cool and original!

  6. Auntie - hmm I like dog house jack. All the best for 2012!
    Helena - the world is always going to end. Carpe diem I say

  7. My 2011 was hideous, but 2012, here's to killer heels and nice bras! Party sounds fabulous.