Thursday, 19 January 2012


We are in deepest darkest winter. The central heating is on and my kids don't like my attitude to keeping warm. The instruction of put another jumper on falls on deaf ears as they prefer to wander around in very little. Meanwhile I am like a demented heating engineer turning rads off faster then perting nipples.

Chatting with colleague at work today we compared our childhoods of Calor gas heaters, no central heating, condensation thick on the windows and those funny white strips your parents put at the bottom of windows to suck up all the moisture.The kids today just don't know how lucky they are. I can remember the cold cold air as a child. The running from your bed to clothes warmed in front of a fire. The art of getting dressed or undressed neath the bed clothes or with your dressing gown on. You always wore slippers, You always wore Pj's or a nightie and a thick thick dressing gown. I can remember I was 16 when we finally got central heating with my bonkers grandma warning us all we would be for ever ill from all those germs we would be harbouring.

With the heating bills rising all the time I am ever vigilant and with no fires  we rely solely on radiators for warmth. When Grandparents came to stay at Christmas my fathers penchant for a warm house had me wringing my hands at the worry of the heating bill. That came in between the inability to stay awake on an evening because the sitting room was so god damn hot narcolepsy kicked in. Still the heating stayed off in my room for the festive period due to the rest of the house sweating with the heat wave.

The thickness of my winter duvet has Hot Date insisting that I have put 2 duvets together. Nope it just good old duck feathers and they keep me warm. Though when it comes to cold houses he doesn't put his heating on at all if he can avoid it. If its really cold then the hot water bottle goes in. If its really really cold then we have a tee and if it brassic then pj's bottoms too. I'm not sure what happened the other night I think I must have over heated with my hot water bottle, thick duvet and full pj set combo, and ended up having nightmares of being on holiday in Benidorm with the current cast which rose me from my deep sleep ripping off my clothes as I did that scary sleepy shouty thingy that I do so well.


  1. I just discovered that my house is so superhot I don't need a tumble dryer - washing will dry within 8 hours hanging around the place. The men here sit in their pants age 18 or under and in shorts/tee age 18 and over - I am the only one with jimjams. Even the cat thinks the house is tropical and is moulting aggressively. Having been brought up on coal fires and coats on beds for extra layers I find it all very distressing to be honest and do the scary sleepy shouty thing a lot when I dream the boiler has exploded. Oh yes, and insuring the boiler is costing £30 silly pounds a month.

  2. Betty - I am sensing a HOT topic here.

  3. Oh, my! The kids might believe me now - someone else with the similar winter stories and childhood heating methods! Nice to know someone else hot water bottles and double duvets it if need be!

    I've even got an adult onesie (I'm a cow) that some say are symbolic.......*ahem*

  4. Those memories of cold bedrooms and that funny stuff on the windows! took me right back......
    with this house it is either too hot or too cold and now and again I can sit wearing damart vests/clothes/cardigans/shawls, have the fire and the central heating on and be drinking hot chocolate and still feel mister thinks I have no blood.......

  5. We were lucky to have a builder dad so mum always made sure he had his plumber friends put central heating in. We moved a lot as he renovated houses. Hubby on the other hand...used to put up with ice on the inside of windows.