Thursday, 8 December 2011

Rocking the Christmas Spirit

My darling sister has tagged me. Perfect timing as I am in FULL CHRISTMAS SPIRIT ( apologies for shouting but I'm excited ) We have had 15th Annual convention of wreath making society. That first glass of mulled wine has never tasted so good, especially when it's rocking up a gale outside. To accompany said evening the essential ingredient is the Music. So I hit the old Spotify account and  queue 'em up. To be made to choose a fave out of all of those titles is just criminal. I'm an old school girl at heart currently working the retro black eye liner, red lippy and pencil skirt look which moment should give you an indication of which era I am heading. I pause briefly over Phil Spectres Christmas sounds - The Ronnettes, The Crystals but continue on back onto the depths of time. Could it be Bing? Could we go Classical? I think we shall have to settle for this one. Get yourself a large sherry, mince pie and a blanket. Go Christmas!

Tagging continues to these choice few - Betty the Wood Fairy, Auntie Gwen, Sarah Maison CupCake, Fenn girl, Reddskinygal. Cmon ladies who will you be roacking ot this Christmas


  1. Me? well I was humming Wizard's 'I wish it could be Christmas every dayaaaaaay yesterday so that's the one for me. It was 1974, shocked to realise I would have been 15 when that was in the charts!

  2. Hello! Thanks for thinking of me! I haven't forgotten, I will put at bottom of one of my posts this week. Can't make my mind up which song though!

  3. I didn't know Eartha covered this song. You're right, music is the essential ingredient indeed! I think my favourite Xmas song would be Blondie with We Three Kings. I like how a bunch of manic old gits still manage to take you (and themselves!) back to the New Wave sound with a song or two.

  4. Betty -Not Wizard! It's frightening to see how the years rack up
    Sarah - I shall look forward to it
    Lena - I shall have to track down the Blondie track on you tube

  5. Just popping in to wish you a Very Happy New Year - lots of romance, a tidy house, well behaved residents and dog, loads of money, lots of new shoes and plenty of time for blogging, you have often made me smile during 2011. All the best - Betty