Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Gagging, Robin & Jolene

This blog mainly was inspired by a VGF at work. I have in fact hi jacked her from my sister, we do lunch at work on occasion. She's a hoot. We've both been navigating the new boyfriend scene together over the last year or so and swap stories that can be so similar at times. However I think she might have just trumped me. Both chaps are health/exercise junkies but hers definitely trumps mine. His love is a bike. So great is this love for his bike Jolene that her own photo as his screeensaver has been bumped off his phone for, you guessed it, Jolene the bike. It sounds like Jolene has a personality and is moving in on my mates chap. She needs to arm herself with nails and a puncture kit and show them to Jolene next time she comes around.

Robins are a special bird to me. They were my mothers' favourite, she did a great impression of one and knew bizarre facts such as their aggressive territorial nature and their sound they make when defending their said territory. In our old house I had a family of robins live in our garden but since moving we don't seem to see them anymore. Call it sentimental but I always felt that I was watched over when I saw a Robin, particularly when they had a habit of popping up when you were having a hard time. A programme featuring robins came on the tv last night and I burst into tears. How wet am I?

Gagging - C'mon ladies we've all done it. In this instance it was rife. It was strong,  it was over in a heart beat but the experience is still with me now. Grating a shit load of Parmesan for the tonnes of parsnips that are going to be coated in them for said Christmas Day banquet left me reeling all night. The smell permeated every floor of the house and I actually woke up gagging.

For the rest of the week I have the following to look forward to. More Parmesan! Star pa and wifey arriving for a long stay, wrapping presents, cooking, shopping, a gig, a birthday and girls night out.


  1. Robins are special to me and my sis too...I love to see them. Thank goodness you mentioned parmesan...I had forgotten to put it on my list!

  2. I love robins too and they have s very special relevance to my childhood/grandmother.. they are very intelligent - when I was digging my allotment during the summer one would land on the earth and search worms as I turned the earth with my spade, I had to be careful not to hurt him he was so busy and close - they are clever little things and I think they attach themselves to people. I have just been sketching robins funnily enough. Bettyx

  3. Beautiful picture, Robins are also very special to me too, I may have to blog about it sometime actually. I have not seen a Robin for a few weeks now and I am really missing my daily Robin visits :(