Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Kitchen mama

It's the gallery and She-ra has yet again commandeered the camera. I am mortified because 
A- the kitchen looks filthy - probably because it is.
B- it doesn't come out well but I will let you make you own judgement on that. 
Ideally I would have open plan to dining room so I could look across and see a child there working away but we just have a small table for two in the kitchen. This gets used for brekkie with Hot Date and I ( yes that's still going unbelievably ) or when there is just me and an off spring. On weekend I like to sit in the warmth of the kitchen with radio 2 on, lap top on cruising the blogs and web with large coffee in hand. how old am I?!

We go through vast quantities of dried fruit nuts and baking products in general. All stored in a variety of jam jars and kilner jars covered in sticky finger prints

 The eggs are provided weekly from my chicken lady at work from her small holding. Some of them are enormous - wince away.

We have 2 fridges. The dairy,veg and condiments.

And the meat and booze fridge. Fortunately you cant see the booze * ahem ( you need to read my previous blog to realise why )

the Jaffas!

I love my birds. The middle one is Amy Cluckhouse!

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