Monday, 28 November 2011

Fabulous darling

This weekend has been splediforous. My Scottish BFF, co egg roller and mother of 2 came down for girlie time. Up, or down as the case maybe, to the Big city with the bright lights and people she didn't know.
We lunched. Sainsurys Taste the difference Pea & ham soup as thick as snot and the same colour to boot, delish! and home made fennel ciabatta - yum
We shopped. Harvey Nichols, Liz Earle, Space NK, Jo Malone, (River Island for the wee one.) We smelt fabulous. We had beautiful wrapped parcels in fancy bags.
We bought M&S dine in for 2 for 4 plus extra wine. This quickly became dine in for 5 as He-mans girle joined us. Still in ballet regalia, bizarre.
We had gin & tonic and nibbles.
And a couple more.
We fully intended hitting the local high street however the howling gale and lashing rain put us off. what were we to do.
It kind of went down hill and ended up more like this.

Berrocca, chocolate and coke followed teh next day but we didn't behave any better either. Cue She-ra and plenty of eye rolling though she whisphered "mum you are having so much fun you haven't stopped laughing all weekend"


  1. I can JUST imagine you both. Glad you had a lurrrrvely time. x

  2. Soup like snot - mmmmm yummy!

    Your description of a great weekend with a special pal put a big smile on my face, as did the AbFab clip!

  3. Laura - you should have been there. you could have been Bubbles
    Trish - Glad to put a smile on your face - it did mine from ear to ear

  4. Friendship like that is so wonderful...having a mate you can relax and laugh with, glad you had a good time.