Sunday, 13 November 2011

Cures of the Over hang

Perusing twitter this morning there was a common theme running through it. Over indulgence of an alcoholic type. Given that I was fresh of face and a non indulger the night before ( a rare occurrence it tell you ) I asked for hangover cure remedies. It was no surprise that my kid sister was first off the mark with...

Laura Chora
 Diet coke, the sofa
quickly followed by.....

 The only hangover cure is a McDonald's with a coffee and fresh orange works every time! Fats, caffeine & vitamin C. :D

Elsie Anderton
 1)bloody Mary made with gherkin juice 2)handful of satsumas 3)Heinz tomato soup with grated cheese 4)bodyweight in frazzles
Elsie - that's just plain weird, since when has gherkin juice been a cure?
Not forgetting....
(Mostly) Yummy Mummy
 Bacon. Berocca. Coffee. In that order.
I have my own remedies based on the severity of the Hangover
  1. Red Bull and ibuprofen
  2. Red Bull, ibuprofen and Thick white cut bread slathered in butter
  3. Coke and snickers
  4. Having now discovered Berroca I turn to this too. Found this most effective on our recent Palma jaunt
  5. In most severe cases I turn to mac of D's. MacDonalds can be the only true saviour in this dire time. A big mac, fries and huge coke. I feel disgusted with myself afterwards and will probably do a walk of shame as penance.
  6. Fresh air may be added but if you really cannot move off the sofa then I suggest a good run of film classics a la Star Wars, Sound of Music, Singing in the Rain and maybe a bit of Leon.
Please feel free to add your cures and comments.


  1. I've tweeted you one, but since I am indeed dying of a hangover myself, I can't be arsed to type it all again. Mwah x

  2. Gherkin juice? What the hell is gherkin juice? Although I suspect that Elsie Anderton is quite experienced when it comes to hangover cures ;-)

  3. Painkillers, a darkened room and lots and water...and making deals with the fates never to drink again........................

  4. I always have to have diet coke and carbs ...and lots of naps.

  5. English Mum - Typical
    mostly yummy - I know gherkin juice. I think i might have to try it though
    libby - Those deals are always broken though aren't they?
    Laura - is that any different to any other day, the naps I mean?