Monday, 31 October 2011

I lost my bottom

This very small piece of my phone has been causing major problems for the last month.
It is the bottom bit of my HTC Legend which up until recently I loved. We are now is stand off relationship mode. I no longer caress its screen just before I go to bed to see who is cavorting on twitter or who is challenging me on Words with friends ( is there a addiction group for this because I am in major cold turkey ). No longer do I start the day with @Gail8 putting the kettle, @Kateab weekly menu planning or keeping up with my blogtastic sister. Is it possible to have virtual friends, those you have never met but seem to share a common bond? I know I miss mine.

Meanwhile the folks at HTC let me down badly, twice. Hitherto I had been their biggest fan, particularly when I got to talk to the south African guy ( top 5 fave accents .) HTC told me to by pass Vodafone as they would only send the phone to them anyway. However I found myself in Vodafone last week throwing myself on their mercy to sort out my phone which is still in warranty and clearly not working.

Not being the type of girl to leave things unresolved I also bought a part from the nice people e-cell on ebay. Nope that didn't fit either and they are left scratching their virtual heads trying to work out the problem too. They have recommended a video showing brute force. Vodafone slapped their hands to their face in complete horror at such a recommendation. I hope the nice e-cell people will honour their t&c's and give me a refund.

I blame myself. If I hadn't been egged on to take a photo on the plane of my snoozing friends I would never have lost the part.


  1. So that's where you've been...

    You could have written...


  2. English mum - i waved but no one wwave back

  3. lol......brute force occasionally works - I use profanities with mine!

    How frustrating - especially when you're still under warranty. Here's to a speedy resolve.....