Monday, 17 October 2011

gritty eyes and wwf withdrawl

I am sat here on said Monday night having cooked up a splendiferous lasagne for tomorrow night out of Sundays left over beef joint. I am doing this in excruciating pain - ok slightly painful but blooming irritating all the same; I have grit in my eye. The dog walk earlier in the blustery evening kindly blew sand into my eye. It is now dripping and itching. I have bathed it, I have blown my nose, I have shoved tissue around it and its still in there. By this time tomorrow I think it will be all swollen and maybe weeping slightly - attractive.

To add to this irritant my lovely HTC died on my jaunt to Palma. HTC have been lovely, tried to fix and sent it back - unfixed. So back it went today. In the meantime I feel like I have gone back about 10 years unable to check my emails immediately, tweet rubbish and follow others activities. (its how my sister and keep tabs on each other ) and most of all I have major words with friends withdrawal. I am sure I was whopping Tara's ass.

Should you find a snivelling bulging eyed person coveting your android it isn't me. And was I really on holiday just a week ago in hot sunshine?


  1. I'm dim....I can't think what an HTC is........
    anyhoo, sorry about your eye.....and are we going to get a 'holiday with the girls' report?

  2. Gritty eyes are a nightmare. The top eyelid pulled over the bottom one, while rolling eyeball like buggery, often works for me. Hopefully yours has shifted and settled by now....!

  3. libby- HTC is a phone.In this case one that doesn't work and Yes there will be a full report on holiday with the girls

    lena - Tried that technique, the eye bath, the blowing of nose. just went to work the next day with a rather swollen eye lid - nice