Monday, 31 October 2011

I lost my bottom

This very small piece of my phone has been causing major problems for the last month.
It is the bottom bit of my HTC Legend which up until recently I loved. We are now is stand off relationship mode. I no longer caress its screen just before I go to bed to see who is cavorting on twitter or who is challenging me on Words with friends ( is there a addiction group for this because I am in major cold turkey ). No longer do I start the day with @Gail8 putting the kettle, @Kateab weekly menu planning or keeping up with my blogtastic sister. Is it possible to have virtual friends, those you have never met but seem to share a common bond? I know I miss mine.

Meanwhile the folks at HTC let me down badly, twice. Hitherto I had been their biggest fan, particularly when I got to talk to the south African guy ( top 5 fave accents .) HTC told me to by pass Vodafone as they would only send the phone to them anyway. However I found myself in Vodafone last week throwing myself on their mercy to sort out my phone which is still in warranty and clearly not working.

Not being the type of girl to leave things unresolved I also bought a part from the nice people e-cell on ebay. Nope that didn't fit either and they are left scratching their virtual heads trying to work out the problem too. They have recommended a video showing brute force. Vodafone slapped their hands to their face in complete horror at such a recommendation. I hope the nice e-cell people will honour their t&c's and give me a refund.

I blame myself. If I hadn't been egged on to take a photo on the plane of my snoozing friends I would never have lost the part.

Monday, 17 October 2011

gritty eyes and wwf withdrawl

I am sat here on said Monday night having cooked up a splendiferous lasagne for tomorrow night out of Sundays left over beef joint. I am doing this in excruciating pain - ok slightly painful but blooming irritating all the same; I have grit in my eye. The dog walk earlier in the blustery evening kindly blew sand into my eye. It is now dripping and itching. I have bathed it, I have blown my nose, I have shoved tissue around it and its still in there. By this time tomorrow I think it will be all swollen and maybe weeping slightly - attractive.

To add to this irritant my lovely HTC died on my jaunt to Palma. HTC have been lovely, tried to fix and sent it back - unfixed. So back it went today. In the meantime I feel like I have gone back about 10 years unable to check my emails immediately, tweet rubbish and follow others activities. (its how my sister and keep tabs on each other ) and most of all I have major words with friends withdrawal. I am sure I was whopping Tara's ass.

Should you find a snivelling bulging eyed person coveting your android it isn't me. And was I really on holiday just a week ago in hot sunshine?

Thursday, 6 October 2011

The girls do......

In a few days I will be packing my bags and heading off to sunnier climes for our annual girlie weekend away. It started about 6 or 7 years ago and has been pretty much a constant for us all. This years destination is a repeat visit, the authorities don't know our plans so we are good to go.

Pre holiday the emails fly round. we have lists of who brings what - which we all ignore. We spend too much time talking over one another to pay attention. We have maps ( my role ) and music. We have restaurants and a list of things to do that for the most part we will try to do.

We already know that we will peak too soon and even though we will arrive at lunch time by 5pm we will be a wee bit too tipsy probably have a snooze and be slightly deflated by the time we go out for dinner.
The proceeding day will involve dark sunglasses and hang over remedies after a a breakfast of croissants coffee tea, fresh oj and a lot of talking.

Shopping will be involved and I am guessing we shall play Celebrity lookee likee and bird beast fish and fruit. We may get told to be quiet more than once. The local nutter always seems to know of our whereabouts and digs us out.

Its not so much Ladettes, we are far too sophis for that but more of a cross of  Good Life/absolutely Fabulous/Inbetweeners. Evidence of a weekend of sobriety will be posted hence forth.