Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Is that me?

I have been looking at my wee bio on my blog. Then I looked at my twitter bio. Is that me? Really?
40 something mum - check. Well actually try act like 27 look 37 *cough and feels 67
2 teenage terrorists - check. Yep getting bigger and scarier all the time
Keeping it together - really? I'm not so sure. The empties are in my boot cos the rather large recycling bin got full. The rattle of the bottles as I drive around are a constant reminder that A - why the hell haven't I gone to the bottle bank yet and B - you alkie
With help -I get by with a little help from friends
Red lippy - once my signature colour now I hardly ever bother. My pout is firmly nude.  All those years practising to be Chrissie Hynde a la Pretenders and I've got nothing but the start of smokers lines on my upper lip and I don't even smoke. Good job I don't wear red lippy anymore either otherwise those lines would have seeping red lippy running down them like  the Nile Estuary
Wine - yes that's me, more white these days than red. Or is it that I drink both in equal quantities. Plus I'm back on the gin and if I wasn't so skint there would be a bottle of jose cuervo Tequila in there too for margaritas
lot of laughter - Ah- not as much as I would like. In fact this needs boosting enormously

I think if I was to write it again it might be more along the lines of

Bring me sunshine, just like that, boom boom, what a carry on, Oh matron look at the swelling! What kids? I have kids?

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