Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Happy memory- The Gallery

I am finding Blogging hard work at the moment. The inspiration has gone. I look to TaraCosmic girlie to suggest things  to keep me ticking over until I get my mojo back. ( If anyone finds it can you please return to sender along with the lost keys and money down the back of the sofa )

Taras challenge last week was shoes. Right up my street. My daughter had a Shoe-gasm - her words not mine. Alas she also had a brace fitted and much of last week was spent giving cuddles and wiping away tears. I missed my chance. This week's challenge, A Happy Memory. Easier said than done.

I have a terrible memory. Looking back at my own childhood is like looking down a black hole. I look at photos and can recall very little about the circumstances. My sister on the other hand can recall things in meticulous details. Pity we were born 10 years apart or that could have been useful.
Best to look at my kids for happy memories. So I chose this taken nearly 7 years ago. We were on a blustery Northumbrian beach in May. We were the first guests at my friends newly refurbished house and had au pair and 2 dogs in tow. Happy times


  1. Sense sadness for some reason.
    Striking image though and hope you make sense of the blogging block soon

  2. kateonthinice - Sadness maybe but the pic brought a smile to my face when i found it

  3. I can remember crazy things that have little or no significance. I wish I could remember the important things!

    Lovely pic big little sis xxx