Saturday, 3 September 2011

Curry Cava and Ring Sting

Recently we had an impromptu mid week girlie get together. At least those of us who were able to make it. Incredibly we have become wiser as we get older and realise that whilst we love to talk ( all at the same time and over each other ) that is if we don't get a move on and order our take away ASAP 2 hours will have passed and we are now too drunk to remember what we were supposed to be doing. Last night was an example of military precision of Cava in hand menu in the other and order placed within 45 minutes of arrival. 

The talking was non stop, no change there. But when will I remember that after a couple of glasses of Cava it is time to move on. Choose a different beverage maybe even NON ALCOHOLIC!? But no. Today I am suffering. Several bottles of Cava later my friends left and the Cava  then made me dance round my dining room pulling dance moves in the patio window reflection. Thank god He-man was out and She-ra was away. Embarrassing mother time yet again.

Oh and the ring sting? I can conclude that curry and cava do not mix. Ain't that the case Mr Porcelain?


  1. Really enjoyed reading this, sounds like me & my friends - the non stop talking & drinking ( not me anymore, but the others make up for it ). Nothing like a long girlie chat - it's the equivalent of 6 months of therapy sometimes...

  2. I haven't done a girls night cava and curry, ever! - was just thinking I missed out until I read the last bit.

  3. At least you're pain no gain..welcome back.

  4. Remind me not to mix cava and curry ...

  5. Mumonhomework - Thank you very muchly. coffee scheduled for this afternoon with same bunch. Much needed therapy indeed

    Betty - Hello -nice to hear from you. I don't seem to be receiving your blogs any more?

    libby - Indeed

    Laura - I may remind you but you will do it anyway