Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Is that me?

I have been looking at my wee bio on my blog. Then I looked at my twitter bio. Is that me? Really?
40 something mum - check. Well actually try act like 27 look 37 *cough and feels 67
2 teenage terrorists - check. Yep getting bigger and scarier all the time
Keeping it together - really? I'm not so sure. The empties are in my boot cos the rather large recycling bin got full. The rattle of the bottles as I drive around are a constant reminder that A - why the hell haven't I gone to the bottle bank yet and B - you alkie
With help -I get by with a little help from friends
Red lippy - once my signature colour now I hardly ever bother. My pout is firmly nude.  All those years practising to be Chrissie Hynde a la Pretenders and I've got nothing but the start of smokers lines on my upper lip and I don't even smoke. Good job I don't wear red lippy anymore either otherwise those lines would have seeping red lippy running down them like  the Nile Estuary
Wine - yes that's me, more white these days than red. Or is it that I drink both in equal quantities. Plus I'm back on the gin and if I wasn't so skint there would be a bottle of jose cuervo Tequila in there too for margaritas
lot of laughter - Ah- not as much as I would like. In fact this needs boosting enormously

I think if I was to write it again it might be more along the lines of

Bring me sunshine, just like that, boom boom, what a carry on, Oh matron look at the swelling! What kids? I have kids?

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Giant Cushions, Chickens & Sharp Corners

I love my niece (the big one too but this blog is about littlies ) and my nephew to bits. From time to time I get to keep them all to myself. Even though they are in bed at a reasonable hour I am exhausted for a full 24 hours afterwards. We had a recent unexpected sleep over that had us doing all sorts of things as usual. They clearly have a list of expectations when they come to stay solo and even though their stay wasn't as long as usual they still tried to cram the same amount of stuff in.

First all the toys out of the garage that I keep in the special box. I try and put something new in there for them to discover each time. This time they  found the DUCK & CHICKEN!

A lot of plastic army men then form battles across the entire ground floor of which I inevitably stand on one and we have a man down. Like every Toy Story viewer knows a soldier never leaves a good man behind.
Then we have the are the GIANT cushions. 5 year old nephew goes hunting, piling them at the bottom of the stairs taking care to leave all sharp corners uncovered and possible obstacles to avoid in full view. He then starts jumping from the bottom step, the next step and so on. At the last look he sneaked to step 9 when I wasn't looking but his sister dobbed in him, she of the "I only go to the 5th step auntie K"

Baking is always on the list so this time it was helping me make tea. Cheese souffle to be precise. I do hope when they show Mum & Dad how to check the egg whites are ready by holding the whipped whites in a bowl over their head that they are, er, actually ready.

If Dr Who season is in full swing then that's allowed. There was much hiding behind the cushions from the 7 year old niece and nephew was oblivious. 

He chooses the same bed time story every time he comes. The Story of the Little Mole who knew it was none of his Business by Werner Holzwarth/Wolf Erlbruch and Clark the Toothless Shark by Corinne Mellor. She will find as many books as possible to read. Bedtime is called and I relax into a pint of wine
Morning arrives abut 2 hours earlier than I am used to and we are in the park before 9am. We come back for homemade pancakes before doing stuff with big cousins/ aka as the 2 teens with the wee ones in awe as we go. Neice watched wistfully as She-ra cantered around the arenea on a lovely horse. Nephew jumped off the mounting block before feeding the horses. I counted his fingers and they were all there. Then it was to rugby to watch He-man where mum and dad were waiting, hangover in evidence. Nephew learnt some choice phrases from the big lads as we watched the full body contact on the pitch. You just know that those phrases will appear at the most inopportune moment

I would just like to add on my watch that my kamikazee nephew  managed to avoid any major disaster involving a trip to A&;E. He saved that until he got home and cracked the back of his head open invovling ltos of blood and rasied eyebrows at A&E when the doctors saw he was a frequent visitor. *ahem

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Happy memory- The Gallery

I am finding Blogging hard work at the moment. The inspiration has gone. I look to TaraCosmic girlie to suggest things  to keep me ticking over until I get my mojo back. ( If anyone finds it can you please return to sender along with the lost keys and money down the back of the sofa )

Taras challenge last week was shoes. Right up my street. My daughter had a Shoe-gasm - her words not mine. Alas she also had a brace fitted and much of last week was spent giving cuddles and wiping away tears. I missed my chance. This week's challenge, A Happy Memory. Easier said than done.

I have a terrible memory. Looking back at my own childhood is like looking down a black hole. I look at photos and can recall very little about the circumstances. My sister on the other hand can recall things in meticulous details. Pity we were born 10 years apart or that could have been useful.
Best to look at my kids for happy memories. So I chose this taken nearly 7 years ago. We were on a blustery Northumbrian beach in May. We were the first guests at my friends newly refurbished house and had au pair and 2 dogs in tow. Happy times

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Curry Cava and Ring Sting

Recently we had an impromptu mid week girlie get together. At least those of us who were able to make it. Incredibly we have become wiser as we get older and realise that whilst we love to talk ( all at the same time and over each other ) that is if we don't get a move on and order our take away ASAP 2 hours will have passed and we are now too drunk to remember what we were supposed to be doing. Last night was an example of military precision of Cava in hand menu in the other and order placed within 45 minutes of arrival. 

The talking was non stop, no change there. But when will I remember that after a couple of glasses of Cava it is time to move on. Choose a different beverage maybe even NON ALCOHOLIC!? But no. Today I am suffering. Several bottles of Cava later my friends left and the Cava  then made me dance round my dining room pulling dance moves in the patio window reflection. Thank god He-man was out and She-ra was away. Embarrassing mother time yet again.

Oh and the ring sting? I can conclude that curry and cava do not mix. Ain't that the case Mr Porcelain?