Saturday, 13 August 2011

Bark and the world will listen

We have dropped off the dog at kennels. She knew it was coming. First it was the annual trip to the vets. He gave her a thorough going over encouraged with biscuits. But all she could say was ouch that hurt. Thne there was inevitable suitcases. At that point she knows most definitely that we are going away. The question is, is she coming too? The eyes get sadder, she sticks to your leg like glue. The last walk of the day is like dead man walking. Then it's time. Time to drop her off. All the other dogs are up at their pens barking " are you here for  me? " "Take me home" and she is looking uneasy, hackles rising. Then we have to leave her. The other dogs are barking mad. Then all you can hear is our wee dog and the others all fall silent and you can still hear ours. I'd like to think she was saying " Right you lot, who's got the gin and get out the cards" 

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