Sunday, 24 July 2011

The Italian Stallion - more of a pony actually

Over the years I have had various Continentals grace our sheets. Be they au pairs here for  a while, or not as the case maybe, or exchange students. The most recent is Italian. 16 years old. Male. That was all the information I had to go on. And his name. Oh and the fact he is allergic to dust and house mites. That immediately had me worried. What! you mean I am going to have clean whilst he's here?

Over the past 2 weeks I have observed the following;
He is very polite
He smokes like a chimney
ergo - he stinks of cigarettes, stale smoke ew
He doesn't appear to have used the bathroom more than three times
He eats whatever is put in front of him
He was quite happy to eat fish fingers when couldn't be arsed * ahem I mean busy scrapping a meal together before payday
He spends a lot of time in the garden just gazing into the distance oh and smoking
He appears to have only brought 3 pairs of underpants for 14 days
He is very punctual
He is quite small. I think I might break him.
He is obsessed with designer labels " Where can I find 'Ollister"
Unless he is shopping everything is boring ( same could be said for most teens )
He has eaten his body weight in jam for breakfast
He sees me as a taxi service - no change there then ( in fact I feel another speeding ticket coming on )
He expected me to pick up him up every night at 11pm. * harrumph
He gets on well with He-man ( in fact he finds him hilarious so he doesn't need any encouragement there thank you )
He is lusting after She-ra. In week 1 she thought he was gorgeous and then gave him the cold shoulder ( or as far as he in concerend the come on )  The more she ignored him the more he sought her attention

Yes we get an allowance for our guest but that has just about gone in petrol money so I am no even quids in, If I could have dropped the taxi service bit and maybe the ponginess of our guest I would have another one to stay. She-ra said it the best "he's not a pet mum"


  1. I am impressed that you share your home with someone .... now that we are empty nesters we thought about renting out a room or something, but with only one bathroom, (and us being fairly insular anyway)we decided we just could'nt do it.....and how on earth did you put up with the ciggie smell?

  2. i am still fumigating the room! 2 weeks on1 bring on the Febreeze

  3. I used to have exchanges but never again after a couple of rude Germans who were so arrogant and turned their noses up at every meal, rolling their eyes in disgust. I felt mildly murderous!

  4. Diney - it only takes one , or two in this case, to spoil it for all