Thursday, 28 July 2011

Reading n stuff

Summer holidays are here again and my thoughts turn to my reading list for my jollies. What are you taking on holidays and how many do you actually read? First holiday post separation I took 10 books for a 14 days away. My friends thought it hilarious, I managed to read 7 in the end. My reading list has shortened some what in  the intervening period. So here I am with 2 weeks ahead of me and I'm in need of inspriation. Any ideas?

so far I have on my list
Kate Atkinson - Started early took the dog
David Nicholls Starter for ten
If God was a rabbit
Stella Rimmington recently reviewed book but can't remember its names.
Something set  in early 1800's - I love all the gore and chaos

I shall probably end up doing what I always do and blag books off my sister who has her own library practically. That and maybe a trip to the local library.

And any tips on how to get my teens back into reading? She-ra used to devour every Darren Shan that came her way and read the entire collection several times over. These days - nothing, nada, zilch. I have tried to encourage her but to no avail.
He-man has recently taken up reading again but is just re reading his old Cherub books. He's nearly 17 and should be on something a bit more advanced but hey at least he is reading, its not porn and has asked for the latest Cherub book to take away with him.

So if you would like to write a blog post about your book recommendations or if you want to link to past posts about book recommendations please use the linky tool thingy below. All hot tips are most welcome.This list will be open until 23 August so please feel free to come back and see what has been recommended. My recommendation by the way;

It's an oldie but a goodie plus you get laughter as added bonus.
Others I would recommend: 
A concise Chinese- English Dictionary for lovers by Xiaolu Guo
Framed by Frank Cotterell Boyce
The brief history of the dead by Kevin Brockmeier
The Secret River by Kate Grenville
Fingersmith by Sarah waters - a world book giveaway. I would never have read it otherwise

First time linky tool user here goes. Get recommmending

Sunday, 24 July 2011

The Italian Stallion - more of a pony actually

Over the years I have had various Continentals grace our sheets. Be they au pairs here for  a while, or not as the case maybe, or exchange students. The most recent is Italian. 16 years old. Male. That was all the information I had to go on. And his name. Oh and the fact he is allergic to dust and house mites. That immediately had me worried. What! you mean I am going to have clean whilst he's here?

Over the past 2 weeks I have observed the following;
He is very polite
He smokes like a chimney
ergo - he stinks of cigarettes, stale smoke ew
He doesn't appear to have used the bathroom more than three times
He eats whatever is put in front of him
He was quite happy to eat fish fingers when couldn't be arsed * ahem I mean busy scrapping a meal together before payday
He spends a lot of time in the garden just gazing into the distance oh and smoking
He appears to have only brought 3 pairs of underpants for 14 days
He is very punctual
He is quite small. I think I might break him.
He is obsessed with designer labels " Where can I find 'Ollister"
Unless he is shopping everything is boring ( same could be said for most teens )
He has eaten his body weight in jam for breakfast
He sees me as a taxi service - no change there then ( in fact I feel another speeding ticket coming on )
He expected me to pick up him up every night at 11pm. * harrumph
He gets on well with He-man ( in fact he finds him hilarious so he doesn't need any encouragement there thank you )
He is lusting after She-ra. In week 1 she thought he was gorgeous and then gave him the cold shoulder ( or as far as he in concerend the come on )  The more she ignored him the more he sought her attention

Yes we get an allowance for our guest but that has just about gone in petrol money so I am no even quids in, If I could have dropped the taxi service bit and maybe the ponginess of our guest I would have another one to stay. She-ra said it the best "he's not a pet mum"

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday. Be quiet and go to view the rest.

Friday, 15 July 2011

I would rather die than do a Ginger!

I'm sorry if you are of gorgeous auburn locks, of red rubyness, of autumnal colours but I'm afraid when it comes to the attraction stakes I have yet to find one that has set the juices flowing. As a lady, yes I feel lady is the correct description, of the best years ever * the decade of 40's, I feel I have some experience here that I can draw on. My years of expert window shopping of the opposite sex what ever the time of day I have yet to do the old double take when I have already clocked that curly carrot top. What is it about being ginger that had my sister and I worrying when we were pregnant with our relevant off spring that they might inherit the ginger gene from 2 generations ago? Why does the thought of ginger pubes make my skin crawl more than say grey ones? Why do gingers get such a bashing? Why does there appear to be so many in the limelight. Be it Ron Weasley, Rebekah Brookes or Boris Becker they always seem to have high profiles whether it be in the media or the business world. Why does this small representation of the population seem to be taking over the world?

Whilst playing a very sophisticated game last night called " who would you rather" with clearly an equally very sophisticated group of friends it was on the posing question of "who would you rather Ron Weasley or Daniel Radcliffe or die " that my true gingerphobia was revealed ( thanks god they didn't pose one about dwarves because that would have ended it for me ) Yes I would rather die than "do" Ron. Sorry Ron.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


There is a time and place for a young lady to have her first experience of mens tackle and the park isn't one of them. As She-ra and I strolled through one of my new walks a police officer on his motor bike was patrolling the park. As we headed off through the woods he stopped us to ask " have you seen a man in a purple top?" Actually it sounded more like " hmunnpf fptt thxye " as he had his helmet on ( his head. ) however we still replied "no". " Oh", came the response " well he's been exposing himself so if you see him please call us."
It was this point that any sane person would have thought that maybe a walk in the woods wasn't such a good idea, turned back and gone home. But being the dipsticks we are we carried on regardless. We are British after all and we wouldn't let the matter of a man's cock come in the way of that now would we? The further we went into the woods the more nervous I became as I realised the stupidity of what we had done. Suddenly I could hear every stick breaking and leaf rustling. There were knobs everywhere! I thought be calm and don't freak out She-ra. Then I thought let's not be stupid about this, it is a man with his knob out. How pathetic is that? We would probably need a magnifying glass to see it anyway and let's face they are quite funny.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Square sausage

If you are Scottish you will immediately identify with the terms square sausage. Coming from the wrong side of the border this was a delicacy little known to me. At the most recent Egg Roll, my good Scottish friend came positively armed with mountains of the stuff. If I had needed to fashion a garden wall that weekend I now had the ready tools. I have managed to use it on fry up Sundays when we need to soak up the contents of our stomachs. most recently this Sunday much to the horror of brother in law who complained that his VGScottish friend also swears by the stuff. With packets now loitering in the fridge having already been defrosted I was left with a dilemma. Do I now make the sodding garden wall with it or do we fashion it into something else? I give you Sausage pasta Sauce - bastard son of a Jamie Oliver Recipe

bunch of Spring onions
a carrot - not a bendy one like always find in the bottom of my fridge
2 red chillies fresh ones - I keep mine in the freezer cos they last longer. I am addicted to them
4 square sausages or more depending how need to use up * cough or much you have
1 tsp fennel seeds
handful of fresh oregano
Pasta of choice
4 cloves of garlic - crushed
4 tbsp balsamic vinegar
1 x 400g tin or box chopped tomatoes
bit of basil
Boccatini or mini mozzarella to you and me

Whiz your prepared Spring onions, carrots and chilli in the food processor. Add the Sausage, fennel and oregeno. Pulse till well mixed. Add mixture to a hot frying pan with a glug of olive oil. Keep breaking it up. Add your garlic, then your balsamic and tomatoes. Cook off. just before serving sink mozzarella into mixture

Cook and prepare your pasta and mix together.

This has been declared as officially yum by chief tasters and the reputation of Square Sausage has been saved. No pictures as it doesn't score high on the visual stakes. I shall be sending the recipe due north with my youngest when she goes to visit Auntie C this summer. She'll be in for a wee treat.

Monday, 4 July 2011

My Week in pictures

an an attempt to keep productivity going coupled with the fact that I have hit a bloggers block I have resorted to keeping a diary of my week in pictures. The source of the blockage is Mr EX. Yes something wicked this way comes but we have to deal with it all the same. so some days I have failed to do anything at all and others we were profuse in our photo taking. This was my week that was. I wonder what will the week ahead be like?