Friday, 17 June 2011

A work day and I was naked

Today has been the end of very busy working week. To be fair every week is a bloody hard working week but this one just seemed even more so. I rarely leave the office. I seem bound to my desk by invisible cords. A shame when I know the city is calling me, tempting me with lovely shops to spend my money. But no, I eat at my desk and just plough one through. I can't even be arsed to go to the gym like I did last year. Oh no sorry that wasn't last year that was 4 years ago. Nor do I slope off with a book to find some sunshine to bathe in. Nope work work work. Just like the rest of the world.
Apart from today. I was on a mission. To buy a cigar. For father day. It's not often I buy such gifts but hey he's here instead of there and I thought why not. Plus I got one for a very good friend and colleague at work by way of thanks. Thrilled at being in a humidor. Delighted at my purchases and the fact I managed not buy myself any cigars despite being a smoke free zone for many a decade ( but I could at a drop of hat I really could .) This spurred me on. What else was I in the mood for? Getting naked clearly. Having just returned from a week on very hot sunshine what I felt I needed was a bikini. What better time try on a bikini than when you have a tan. OK so the kids have being calling me Benidorm Madge. Really ! Harrumph! Actually less Madge more mottled spam as I had slapped on sun cream like a demented idiot missing more than I hit with the result of a mottled spam effect the next day. This is never a good look particularly when you have gone on a romantic-can't keep your-hands-off-each-other week with Hot Date.

So never one to pass up an impulse I dived into the nearest retail therapy surgery. In this case TK Maxx and dived on the swimwear section. Having harboured bikini envy for a whole week. whilst away along with Summer wardrobe envy too I felt that my next jolly in the summer should be better kitted out. 10 bikinis later I have purchased 2 at a tenner each down from £55 each. Bargain! It did it strike me as bizarre as I was stood starkers at a half past one of a work day that I wouldn't normally be naked at this time of day. But then I quite like the idea of being naked when you shouldn't be - it's so naughty isn't it.


  1. Great figure there Mrs bikini days are long for being naked when you shouldn't, kissing at unexpected times and in unexpected places...naughty but nice!

  2. Libby - Thanks.I take the continental view on bikinis as it doesn't seem to matter what size or shape you are over there you all wear one. Ooo impromptu snogging, bring it on