Monday, 27 June 2011

oo like Mammooth?

Tonight we have....
Laughed hysterically at the huge red cyst that is growing under my arm pit. It is painful and even though She-ra tried squeezing it once she is now very afraid of it. Bless her that she tried in the first instance. Doctors beckons now and a possible remake of How To Get Ahead in Advertising.
Sat outside to eat our lovely scrumptious in the top 10 suppers.
We played gin rummy whilst pretending to be the Hairy Cave men from Armstrong & Miller. We found it hilarious I'm not so sure about the neighbours.

I now have a date with Mr Veet -Wax strips and Mrs Tweezers. I blame all that sun - it makes things grow.


  1. I saw the title of your post and laughed immediately as I knew straight away what you were on about.

    By the way, are the wax strips and tweezers for your spotty armpit or another hair-growing area? Just wondering.

  2. Love that sketch! and will there ever be a time when it will be fashionable to have hairy bits? in my lifetime I hope...

  3. Trish - glad you are with me. I have many hairy areas these days each one a new feckin discovery
    libby - I think that was the 70's and i dont think time will ever come again

  4. A friend of mine had a full body laser treatment to de fuzz everywhere forever! Cost a bomb and hurt like hell but no more hairy mammoths. So time consuming with the lady shave!