Monday, 13 June 2011

I just cant get you out of my head

Does the title of my blog get you thinking of Kylie? Do you sometimes have a song going round and round in your head that either irks you or puts a smile on your face. Imagine my horror when I woke this morning humming this.

So I tweeted as you do.

Reminded me of the first single I ever bought, jimmy Osmond's Long haired lover from Liverpool. What was yours?

To which replied damn you I'm humming it now. Grrr

And it got me thinking what was your first single that you bought or can remember bopping around to. ( I should also point out that whilst discussing this at dinner my daughter couldn't get her head round buying vinyl and that it was 2 sided - #totallookofconfusion)Whilst I can't deny that not only was I member of the Osmond fan club and yes Tony Blackburn gave me a birthday mention before playing Long haired lover from Liverpool ( Sorry Jimmy but I actually preferred Donny ) I think it was actually Suzie Quattro Down at the Devil gate drive oh hang on it could have been Alvin Stardust. Damn it I can't remember - can you? Please feel free to comment with your first remembered single


  1. Georgie Fame Bonnie and Clyde was my first single.....and Katy Lied Steely Dan my first LP...oh I feel old now................

  2. David Bowie's Rebel Rebel. That sounds quite a cool first single, doesn't it. I only bought it because my older brother told me it was a great single to buy and had run out of pocket money. To be honest, I was more a Donny Osmond girl.

  3. I was David cassidy and David Essex - lovely to see him every day on Eastenders and not all tight and plasticky (don't know how to spell that)like most of the other people from his era.
    My first records were Floy joy by the Supremes and a T Rex one that I can't remember the name of -- age is a terrible thing!!

  4. I did have a Donny Osmond LP but my first single was Tiger Feet by Mud. I know, shocking.
    Went on to Bay City Rollers, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, and then The Clash and punk... I still have all my 'records' up in the loft.

  5. Lancastrian Friend15 June 2011 at 20:19

    Twelfth of Never By Donny Osmond. Did you know Donny's favourite colour was purple??

    Also bought Billy Don't be a Hero by Paperlace !!! So sad still know all the words. Said vinyl reside in the loft along with Tina Charles greatest Hits!!

  6. Looks like the Osmonds have it at the moment.