Sunday, 22 May 2011

Trading Places with my dog

Sometimes I would like to be my dog. She has no cares in the world, every day is a new day and she gets lots of walks and fussing over. I particularly love the gone bonkers moments; whites of eyes showing tail going and mad running. I don't want, however, people watching me whilst I have a dump or a wee. And one day, just one day, I am going to catch myself a goddamn Squirrel! I don't want other dogs sniffing my bits either.
The dog goes wild


  1. I would prefer to be one of my cats rather than a dog! Eat, sleep, wash, stretch, eat, sleep etc... ;)

  2. It must be great to be a dog - you can scratch your arse in public and nobody can also knock over obnoxious kids and get away with it, two things I long to do often.

  3. Nic - everybody wants to be a cat - Aristocats
    Betty - Oo get you! if you want to scratch off you go. As for bumping into kids I can think of a few adults I'd like to do that too as well

  4. Dogs have a blissfully easy life, very true.

  5. Our dogs would get on very well together as they have mad half hours every half hour! I would love to be a dog in a loving home like yours and mine, but how hellish to be in a cruel place where they keep you locked up all day and hardly feed you. That's what I can never understand - cruelty of some people to animals.