Tuesday, 17 May 2011


for Tara's Gallery - I haven't participated in a while so forgive me if I'm a bit early for once.

We love a good tash. I give you a small selection of tash-tastic fun. There are none of me because I have my very own moustache that will when I am an old lady (so not long there then) be the stuff my nephew would point at and stare. I will probably have a beard too. However I doubt I will win this competition because I am related to the judge and she's seen it all before. but for those of you haven't.....


  1. um, what could I say - interesting... no tach in this household, only teenage bumfluff.

  2. Betty - We've that too. Shaving is a nightmare, apparently tips for shaving legs is not the same as face

  3. Is there a tach obsession going on in your family?
    My try reminds me a bit of your first pic.

  4. Guffaw, What a's a national treasure ;-)

  5. what a mighty fine collection of 'taches you have there. you must be very proud :)