Sunday, 1 May 2011

not so Silent Sunday

The one time I have got my arse out of bed,all be it to do something else, and post to Silent Sunday I find it is on holiday this week. Ah feck it, have posted anyway cos now I can break the vow of silence imposed by mochabeaniemummy. So here's me and hot date swinging as it were. Captured on film by She-ra who seems to have left her adventure gene in Holland and refused point blank to join in.

I could have spent all day swinging back and forth over the water. Tempted though I was to let go the near by sign warning of of blue green algae tightened my grip. I have no idea what this multicoloured algae is but I just had Lemony Snicket type thoughts running through my mind such as lachrymose lake and its leeches.


  1. Love the photos - I would have fallen in! - I loved the Lemony Snicket books, thinking maybe I should read them again.

  2. IO - lemony Snicket rocks. we had the whole series on cd and would listen to them on long journeys and holidays. They were a real joy for us all to listen.