Monday, 2 May 2011

Renault Megane for sale

For sale
One Renault Megane that has lost its vava voom
1 lady owner who was not so careful and reversed into a wall and down the side of another wall, drove over a bump, got bumped, knicked and scratched. It's a well travelled vehicle and has covered just about all corners of UK and even been abroad.
It's been back and forth to the garage so everything is in working order.
Reason for sale? see below

Just how much money can you spend on a car! A second hand one that is. An 8 year old French bag of spanners to be priceise. In the past 12 months I have spent over £2500 on my car and just this week, only a month after the latest escapade of broken drivers window electrics , there is a new fault. White smoke this time. Not some heady scent of Gitanes to take me back to my youth but smelly burn rubber on me kind of smell. £2500! I ask you, that was a healthy deposit on the way to a brand spanking new car. Or a holiday, a fly drive even.

So you great big money guzzling heap of shit I hope you are quivering on the drive way because YOU are going! within in the next 4 weeks.

I've looked Fords, fiestas and focus, mazda 3's, honda civic - new models only with their funky cyclops eye fog lights thing going on there, skodas in various forms ( yes skodas as I am in full who gives a fuck about the frigging badge anyway kind of mood ), alfas because they are beautiful but impractical, flights of fancy such as classic cars or land rover defenders. I know my father will be gnashing his teeth but having trawled through endless reviews and price comparisons there are some good deals out there. And you know what I'd quite like a Golf or a Polo. I just don't know if I will be able to get the current Renault with its fat ass over to said dealers. As for finance- it can't be any worse than I'm currently coughing up for my pile of nuts,bolts and a baguette rammed up its arse.
Whilst most of the country has been glued to the Roayl wedding My weekend has been spent looking for the marriage made in heaven of me, new car and finance deal. Any offers for the old model?


  1. Hi mrs w, I work on a motor breakdown line - white smoke usually means water is involved somewhere, could be lots of things, sometimes head gasket is involved. If it's any help the make of car that I have seen least callouts for is SEAT.

  2. Betty - thanks for the tip. I have managed to secure a Ford Focus so I hope you don't get too many of those either

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