Monday, 23 May 2011

My Lady Garden

When Tara threw down the latest challenge for The Gallery as being "my back yard" I though hurrah I can talk about my lovely small garden . That's alright, cry my family, because you are small. ( I am not small I am 5'5.5", that half inch is very important, its just the rest of them that are giants.) So yes it is small but perfectly formed, a little scraggy on occasion around the edge but nothing a quick trim can't sort out. It's easy to tend to and can accommodate all sorts of activities be it bathing in the sunshine, pulling up weeds, chilling, reading, quoffing ( love that word ), entertaining, fire building and last but not least somewhere for the dog to spend a penny or leave a pound.

Over the years I have had varying sizes of back yards. In Edinburgh we had a shared garden that we hardly ever used. Especially after the Old Woman With Scissors incident. In the North East we had a Victorian terraced house whose back yard had been taken up by a garage so all we had left was a space like a large coffin. We used to fish wife on the front door step instead - much more fun. We then had houses with much bigger gardens particularly the last one and doing the lawn was a truly exhausting task; think demented gardener look.
If I could change anything it would be a spot of sunshine that lasts way into the evening so I can enjoy a glass of chilled something and a patch big enough to grow vegetables in other than that I'm quite happy with my small lady garden.


  1. the only thing missing from my garden is a dog - it's a small garden about 10foot long as the other 20 foot got donated to my conservatory... it's crammed with pots and little trees and I love it but I would like to push the fence down and let the woods the other side be my continuous view - you can't do that of course or all the pervs would stand in the woods and make me their continuous view - you can't have everything I suppose - it is a continual fight to stop the brambles and weeds climbing under/over the fence. Betty

  2. Lady garden!! *sniggers like a teenager*
    Lovely photos of your small but perfectly fornmed lady garden! Sounds lovely hee hee

  3. oh you can't beat a small lady garden!

  4. As lady gardens go, this one looks pretty cool. That's a very happy dog chewing a branch. Nice one.

  5. Haha 'lady garden' did make me think twice before clicking, great photos though

  6. Love your garden - wish mine was smaller as too big to keep on top of really. Need a gardener! I am same height as you and my teenagers call me little - but that was tall back in the day!

  7. What a lovely garden and looks like there have been some wonderful times in it! x

  8. ooh it's lovely. Have to say I had a teenage giggle over 'lady garden' too. *Slaps own wrist*

  9. Looks like you have packed a lot of fun into your little garden. God I didn't even think about that being a euphemism. See what you've started. Sorry. Would delete but its too funny now!

  10. Great garden because obviously love lives, fun, good times.

  11. tee hee, you said lady garden...

  12. A lovely little lady garden x

  13. I never thought I'd say this but your lady garden is gorgeous.


  14. Betty - but you have an amazing wood for a back garden
    Mummy mishaps - i love a good double entendre
    helloitsgemma - I agree!
    Reluctant housedad - That dog likes to be chewing something
    Vicki - so glad you clicked through anway
    potterjotter - me too I was once tall!
    Mummydaddyme - only been here a year so plenty more good times ahead
    motherporridge - you just have to be naughty sometimes
    Alexander Residence - yup that garden is rammed.
    Libby - oh bless thank youX
    tiddly - tee hee I know
    Edspire - it is, Better than a great big gash of a garden
    SAHM - Thanks am sniggering too