Tuesday, 3 May 2011


These moments have been rare in our house of late. But when they happen it brings me such joy and pride. it just shows reading Dr Seuss and Lemony Snicket all those years did pay off let the ridiculous begin. This was the conversation at dinner tonight

Me; There's a spider on the dinner table
He-man; There's a maassssive spider in the bathroom.
She-ra; I know I think its watching me
He-man; it is it told me
She-ra: ?
He-man; he's called Ignacio and he's told me he is in love with you
She-ra; ???!
He-man; He's been asking me (in Mexican accent ) "Ey, how am I going to get you seester to fall in love with me?"
She-ra's looking even more puzzled but laughing lots
He-man: Ignacio says" I sneak into her room at night to watch 'er"
He-man (pointing at She-ra's face ) what are those marks on your face?
Me; They are spider love bites. Ignacio says "'e wants you, 'e wants to put his eight arms around you"
He-man; He has a brother Ramon in the downstairs bathroom. they work for Diego.
Me- who's Diego?
He-man - the Don. He's in my bathroom. He's huge


  1. I can't wait to meet the Mihican Ramon ... or Ignacio.

  2. Ignacio is big but apparently Diego is bigger

  3. I keep posting comments (or think I have)and then forgetting to do the word verification
    Can't really remember what I thought I had put so.....hello!