Thursday, 7 April 2011

A wee ditty

Having been brought up on the likes of Dr Suess, Lewis Caroll and Spike Milligan I have a penchant for the daftness of phrase coupled with the need to turn a sad situation into a happy-laugh-your-socks-off one. the latter a skill that my son also possess which can make it impossible to be annoyed with him sometimes and others really pushes your buttons. However such skill was called into play this week ( on a number of occasions ) and I feel that I will be repeating the following ditty on many occasions over the next few weeks. I give you Poo:

cow shit, sheep shit, rabbit shit too
goat shit, dog shit and elephant poo


  1. Could you tell me the tune one would sing this too?

    I'm guessing the photo is dog shit - as it is too large for rabbit and sheep, too firm for cow and too small for goat and definitely not elephant.

  2. Libby - its more of a rap than a song but please feel to adapt. And yes the dog felt she hadn't been getting enough coverage despite being included in the title of my blog

  3. That's a big dog then. had to minimise the screen as hubby has a mental fit when he sees dog turd - the woods out the back are littered, we have to wear wellies and he complains that he can't enjoy a walk as he has to look at the ground all the time... me I just plough through it in a farmer giles sort of way. I could do that rap on my allotment in time with my digging - might try it. Bettyx

  4. Betty - not a big dog at all. Dry dog food in the answer. I'm not surprised your husband gets cross about your woodland, why can't they pick it up n bit it