Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Spit Spat

We've had a houseful and now it back us 3 and a dog. Please take a walk through our time together this evening.
I arrive home 6 ish. She-ra is elbow deep in cookie mixture in full baking mode.
He-man is in his lair playing on PS2.
I lovingly make dinner, trying to inject a bit of spice into our midweek tea time meals. Spiced lamb mince kebabs, rice with veggies and salad. A mini triumph mid week so I thought
I manage to talk to She-ra about revision , queue lots of eye rolling and hair flicking and a reach for the ear plugs so she can't hear me whilst staring goggle eyed at the PC.
He-man seems to have drunk his body weight in coke.
All are summoned to table. Within minutes the teenagers are fighting, pinching each others food. licking the rim of each others glasses and generally behaving appallingly. When they then started spitting at each others food I threw a fit. They have never done this sort ofthing before and I don't know where it comes from. It seems to be recent development between the two of them. From snarling and generally avoiding each other we are now entering toddler behaviour territory. Just the other day I had to pull over as they fought in the back of the car over who was being Easter Bunny. He-man invariably starts it. She-ra rises to the bait giggling before it turns into crying. They don't seem to mention this stage in the self books. Believe me I look. I keep these books near my bed like security blankets that can ward off evil teen behaviour. They have failed miserably.
I am now sat on my own in the sitting room. She-ra is floating between bathroom, bedroom and 90210. He-man has got changed again and after pootling on facebook has come to play annoy-a-mother. He's a master of this game.
I hope this current spell of behaving badly ends soon. Give me strength please in huge doses.


  1. Drink gin, we'll get you through it.

    Love from Gin & I

    PS As I am going through this sort of behaviour with your niece and nephew now I'm not sure what I'm going to do when teendom arrives ... probably leave home.

  2. I guess I did the right thing after all and had only one at a time to cope with!! Good luck - sounds hellish, but keep reminding yourself that you love them!!!

  3. Repeat to yourself 'I will miss this one day I will miss this one day' under your breath.....and drink....a glass or two...just for your health you understand!

  4. Laura - Gin I love you XXX
    diney - Its hell with knobs on!
    libby - i shall use this in evidence against them when they get married etc.I shall revel in being the embarrassing mother stinking of gin and wee

  5. I feel your pain. My two have 9 years between them and still squabble in the back seat or whenever in the same room. The 18 yr old deliberately winds up the little one and then does that 'shrug' and 'I didn't do anything' thing.
    I keep telling them that I hope they both have children like them and not to bother asking me to babysit!

  6. IO-It' always the oldest one who should know best but rarely applies it