Saturday, 9 April 2011

The Hat

( In answer to some of the questions following my recent Silent Sunday post here you go )

This is The Hat that my good friend Meldy lent me to go to the Ball I didn't want to go to because I had a shite day.
I took my daughter & her mates to cadets dressed to the nines with flat shoes on. I have never gotten ready so quickly, granted I was a bit hairy and probably smelly but heigh ho. Note to self - never ever try and apply fake tan to legs when in a hurry or without gloves. Frantic scrubbing came next.
I had taken up the invitation some months earlier from a supplier who is such a nice man in the true sense of the of the word. He was in his kilt and glengarry making a fine figure.
The Ball was some swanky legal bash and we were late.
We were late as the taxi firm are fuck wits sending the cab to the wrong house.
Missing the champagne reception we ran up the steps where we were set upon by a man dressed as a White rabbit. " You're late you're late" he cried waving a gigantic pocket watch at us. I'm not sure if could read my lips but I think it started with an F and ended in off.
I was glad of the hat even though it was a bit tight. No one looks at your face when you wear a big hat and yes I was wearing knickers, bloody great big red ones!


  1. I have never been to a ball - do you wear big hats to balls?? I thought it was big frocks. Probably just as well I don't go to them.

  2. I think you look great! I'm supposed to wear a hat to my sister in laws wedding, I'm hoping it makes me look sophisticated!

  3. Lovely hat - I wear hats in the Summer but nothing as spectacular as this one! have never been to a ball but if I did would wear a tiara definitely and cinderella glass shoes (I have no idea where I would find those shoes, they probably don't exist but I want some).

  4. Betty - I didn't think you wore hats to Balls but you did at this one. A tiara is much better idea. I'd love a handsome prince too as well as budget for all those gowns

  5. Goodness - I've been to quite a few balls in me time but never ever been to one with a hat! That's something else! Looks fantastic though