Thursday, 17 March 2011

Too much information

My Dahlink sister has tagged me in a 3 by 9 meme. How kind. She knows all of this already, she also knows I am compelled to share maybe a little too much information and then she asks me to partake in this. So I will show you mine, I will tag 3 others and they can show theirs too and so on.

Three names I go by: Mum, Bolly ( you'll have to work that one out ), Auntie

Three places I’ve lived: Yorkshire, South of France (but only for 6 months more's the pity ) and Edinburgh - och the noo!

Three places I’ve worked: For my self, for someone else in the family and a friend

Three things I love to watch: Top Gear, Waking the Dead, Graham Norton

Three places I have been & love:

Palma, sitting outside the modern art museum with my mates playing celebrity look-a-likee, or was that Monte Carlo. Ok make this any place that I have been with my mates and chilled over a long lunch.

A tiny wee village in Scotland home to my Scottish BFF - it rarely seems be sunny but is beautiful and the company more than makes up for the weather. This is in joint place with Budleigh Salterton just for the noise the pebbles make with the sea.

Callela Palafrugell - snorkelling for the first time with my kids. Crystal clear water, beautiful scenery. Take me back now

Three people that email me regularly: My Sister, Hot Date and Star pa

Three things I love to eat: Avocado, steakfrites ( see how clever I was in making that one item ,) cherries

Three people I think will respond: If you are tagged then it would be rude not to

Three things I am looking forward to: Holland in April, The Annual Egg Rolling Championships in April, and my Hot Date hot holiday in June.

I’d love to read a “three by nine” meme post by: Betty, Auntie Gwen, trish @ and mum'sgoneto, manana mama ,and libby. Apoligies if you have already been tagged but please do pass it on.


  1. Thanks for the tag Mrs W :)

    The south of France AND Edinburgh? Pah, are you sure you want to see my boring list of crap towns? It will surely pale in comparison.

    Always a pleasure to read your blog, will get cracking on this just as soon as I can extricate myself from the kiddies and the moving boxes for a few moments...

  2. Manana Mama - South of France was not all it was cracked up to be. Edinburgh was fantastic. Shall look forward to reading your list. Is that moving in or out?

  3. Thanks for the invite, I usually avoid tags as I find myself complicated so others must too and always feel disturbed after rooting around in my past! but I did it anyway. Betty

  4. Thanks Betty - I'm the same as you regarding the past but this one felt a little less intrusive