Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Love a good bit of wood

Trees. Love 'em. When Tara announced this as her theme for The Gallery this week I knew I would have a wealth of photos to choose from. Luckily I already had some on my phone as the scanner isn't working as you could also have seen pictures of me as a tree aged about 16. I have never seen a tree look quite like I did. Think Liza Minelli Cabaret with a few shiny green leaves sown on. I think the teachers were just perving but hey ho. Love trees just love 'em - I am fully paid up member of tree hugging society. Even the Klimt pictures on my stair well are of trees.
I give you three recent images. The first reminds me of Lady Gaga's born to me video. The second and third happen to be the parks where I go dog walking and I love it there. Enjoy my trees.


  1. Lovely Trees!
    The last one looks completely perfect for pic-nicing underneath :)

  2. Trust you to have a title like that! ;-)

    Very nice trees though.

  3. Miss L A - aren't trees just great. I think I have been on just about every entry this week
    Trish - I have no idea what you mean. *frankie howerd roll of eyes

  4. Lovely pics - there is something about trees near water that I really love!

  5. good pictures, I like the first one the best. My brother has a friend called 'Tree Dave' a sort of traveller who randomly plants small trees on wasteland wherever he fancies and I do hug trees, especially my tiny apple tree, which I talk to.