Thursday, 24 March 2011

An educated follow up

My team were feeling about down they needed a bit of a larf. So following on from Taras latest Gallery theme an education I decided to show my team the photos, incuding the worst one I have ever had taken. This is a brave step as work and blog do not normally meet ever ever ever.
The comments were
OMG is that you - you look just like your son! - great I really want to look like a stubbly grunty 16 year old boy - photo 1
OMG you look just like your daughter - photos 2 - why thank you. Im happy to look like a stunning fresh faced nearly 15 year old
OMG that was before hair straightners and you can almost smell the rebellion - Photo 3 - er thanks I fink innit?
It started somethign and we've just had a good ol giggle at everyone else. Thanks tara what a great idea

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