Friday, 4 February 2011

Skanky Hair

Hey do you ever suffer from skanky hair? Do you need to try and eek it out an extra day knowing its just a wee bit too greasy but do it anyway? Well you need dry shampoo. Just spray on and you'll never the difference. No shit Sherlock. Just don't do it in a rush or too close to your head or you too could look like Morticia Adams crossed with the Mallen Streak.

Please also be aware that when you do wash your hair that your colleagues think you have been to some expensive salon due to the massive transformation of skankiness to foxiness. Insulting really don't you think.


  1. My daughter does use this stuff sometimes...she has very long blonde hair and it is a quick my day we used talc!

  2. Many years ago I used this type of stuff after an operation to transform me from deaf as a post to nearly deaf as a post. No water allowed in the ear for six weeks. Although it did the job, I looked like I had greasy hair with talc in it, which was correct, and it felt dirty and itchy - but yes, six weeks later after a jolly good wash everyone notices and the compliments are overwhelming - making you realise just how bad you have looked for previous six weeks.

  3. Libby - I too have used Talc
    Betty - Oh truly skanky hair after 6 weeks. you have my sympathy.