Friday, 4 February 2011

Mine always turn out like fanny's

I look to cook. I hate cooking tea. They are two very different things. Having the time at the weekends to try something new is great fun. Trying to think of what to feed the hungry masses during the week is a nightmare. However - blatant plug coming up yet this isn't a sponsored post- Sainsbury's magazine has been my saviour of recent months

I have more recipe books than you could wave a flour shaker at. In fact I purposefully lost some in transit although I have kept firm hold of Fanny Cradocks' booklet - it would be rude not to hold onto Fanny.

So what have we had to titillate out taste buds of late.

Top of the list chili chicken. Served with home made garlic bread ( yes I've dusted down the bread maker ) plus saute potatoes and green salad leaves.

Or how about lamb biryani or beef goulash.

Do NOT however try the butternut squash stuffed with lamb. It is not often I do a meal that is not nice, that makes me want to push it round my plate like a sullen primary school kid, but that dish did. In fact thinking about it now makes me want to gip

the Baking Genius in our midst as done all sorts of wondrous things from amaretti chocolate thing to lemon muffin things

Fanny's husband was called Johnny. And do you know what he recommended that we all wished that ours ( meals that is ) turned out like Fanny's. Now don't you just wish you could have had a picture.


  1. Being in my fifties I remember the Fanny Craddock tv programme with sidekick henpecked husband Johnny, she used to really boss him around a lot and our family watched the programme mainly for this entertainment rather than the cookery - my mum always tried hard to replicate but usually failed and we existed mainly on fray bentos tinned meat pies which is probably why I became vegetarian.

  2. I once made fairy cakes that looked just like Fanny's. I think I opened the oven too soon.

  3. It was art class..we were using was quiet...I then said to my friend 'have you got a rubber fanny?' .. for that was indeed her name and I needed to erase the rubbish I was drawing.........there was a slight pause and then everybody burst out laughing..................we were very young.

    I am very impressed at your cookery skills....but as for Fanny? she was a bitch and needed a good slap I always thought........

  4. Betty - so you can thank fanny that you're a veggie. She was one scary lady
    IO - Let's take that as your top baking tip - how to avoid looking like fannys
    libby - Oh this was the funniest thing I read all day

  5. Libby's right - she was a TOTAL bitch! I always felt so sorry for Johnny. I want that picture, though. Blown up reeeeally big in my kitchen...