Thursday, 24 February 2011

Jive talking

I was trawling through some images the other day when i came upon this little beauty. I know it's out of focus. I know we look truly ridiculous. I know I know. But this has to be the best fancy dress outfit I have ever donned.Those teeth were amazing. I think I might nip to the fancy dress shop and buy some more of the teeth whitener as it certainly works and is a fraction of the cost. Apparently we have now grown out of the fancy dress stage but I wouldn't mind hauling Barry, Robin and Maurice out of the bag one more time or maybe a little Lara Croft?


  1. Friend no1 looks like Bugs Bunny!! I LOVED that night.x

  2. I WORE an outfit like that in the 70's ....
    great photo and am now curious about the teeth whitener???
    ps have posted lots of comments on your blog that I thought you were deleting....just remembered about doing the word verification thingy!!

  3. Nance - not Jessica Rabbit then? I loved that night too. When are we going to dress up again?
    Libby - I hope you have a pic of your outfit for posterity. Haven't deleted a comment yet, unless you comment about the size of my bum, spot on my face etc