Monday, 21 February 2011


We never have major accidents or health scares but we do have our fair share of mad dashes to A&E. I think out of all the OMG moments this one has to rank in the top 3 although we never made it to A&E.

He-man was using the bathroom *ahem. We had run out of wet wipes of the usual kind and a temporary tub in their place. The sort where you pull the tissue through a circle in the middle. That circle has a cross shape on it to allow tissue to come through,. You get the picture. I hear a yelp, then a bellow. "MUM!" My naked 14 year old son with a towel wrapped round his waist had somehow got his finger wedges in the centre. He has huge hands so how he managed to get a finger down there in the first place is beyond me.Well naturally I tried to help but this was very difficult. The finger was well and truly wedged in. I tried butter. I tried scissors. I tried pliers. None of them worked. It was the hardest plastic tub known to man kind. So I got out my scalpel and walked towards him. I think I may have had an evil grin.
"MUM!" he cried.

The finger was now quite swollen and beginning to turn blue.

There was nothing for it but to call in reinforcements. This was about 10 at night. Mate 1 & 2 arrived. I had forgotten that neither of them were really the best for medical emergencies yet here they were. One didn't do blood the other well just didn't. He-man was very embarrassed at his half naked state but the throbbing finger was now proving such a problem that this was quickly forgotten. As Mate 1 & 2 eventually decided on the scalpel option he had no other choice but to let them have a go. It didn't work. The pain was so much that after a frenzy using his left hand and all of his brute force to cut the plastic with a pair of pliers he released his now very swollen digit. All of this done in the bathroom in the shadow of a smelly poo.

My friends still cite this incident when we recall how they "don't do blood" & how well built my son was/is.


  1. A lovely story for his 18th.21st or wedding!!!

  2. I bet you wish you had had your camera near - good blackmail pictures for when he gets older!!

  3. Oh, and might make him think twice about stripping for every poo too ...

  4. Auntie G - that thought had crossed my mind
    Sue - I don't know if I dare - he's bigger than me
    Laura - We cant use wipes any more since the great toilet blocking inident of 2010. They were very good though you just need a pipe big enough to cope with them.