Friday, 4 February 2011


I have realised I am into my 3rd year of blogging - well not quite but I did start in 2009. I have also realised that my output is a consistent 9 blogs per month, sometimes it less but never more. I am challenging myself to get it to 10 per month for 2011 or maybe that should be 11. I also thought I'd have a look at my web stats today. Haven't done that for months and months. I was pleasantly surprised. I looked at the key search words - OK Grannies wet gusset you know who you are - I hope you were intensely dissatisfied with what you found on my site. I had a look at the country map and was delighted to see my reach is spreading further afield, Hello Japan, New Zealand and Canada. As for returning visitors I am truly blessed that you like to come back and read the ramblings of someone who is clearly in the stages of "losing it" or so Hot Date keeps telling me anyway

Thank you all and I will try and up my efforts to increase my output even if its just wee bit.


  1. Good, because you always make me laugh - more of your humour please. Betty x

  2. Well done you, I'm seven months in and have managed four posts at very, very best and only two in January. The more stressed I am, the less I blog, but why not use blogging as de-stresser? I will try. But 9 posts a month would be real feat!

  3. Zookeeper - good for you for even starting a log I'm sure you'll soon be posting lots. Sometimes it is a concerted effort on my part and latterly I might spend an evening writing a whole batch to upload later that week rather than wait for when the urge catches me.