Sunday, 2 January 2011

Looking Back ( over my shoulder )

Can't say "looking back" without launching into the song by Paul Carrack, Mike & The Mechanics, and actually looking over my shoulder. Sad but true. And if my old usherette mate is reading this I bet she does this too. So it is traditional that at this time of year you look back at the year you had and maybe think about what the next one will bring you. I've had a mixed year but I would rather focus on the positives rather than the utter shite that has taken place, much of it in the last 2 months.
In no particular order
  1. We moved house to our lovely new family home. Filled with sunshine and laughter. It's mine all mine ( well and the kids and the dog )
  2. I went to Barcelona with work and had an absolute ball. Sides ached with laughing, and in the name of work too. Normally you are lucky if go more than a 100 mile radius away.
  3. Saw She-ra confidence grow in buckets. She's a much happier person than this time last year
  4. He-man got through his gcse's and even managed to pass some of them
  5. My sister moved house too and its absolutely fab
  6. Brother in law has work coming out of his ears
  7. I got really into my running and could do a 10k in less than an hour - hurrah, It's good for me anyway, have you seen the size of my thighs?!
  8. We are no longer camping virgins but might call for an annulment
  9. I realised there was more to life than Inspector Frost and a cold flat and moved on
  10. There is a lot more laughter in my life these days, mainly due to Hot Date, just hope it lasts.

The thing is I can't help measure this list by the fact that nearly all of these blessings are as a result of overcoming the after effects of my ex. He casts a shadow over every day of my life and right this moment that shadow has gripped my son who is in a very dark place. What an utter bastard who could do something so utterly awful and not face the consequences. It was with these thoughts in my head that I couldn't face New Years Eve partying and felt thoroughly miserable. But the sun rose on a new day and in the words of the Buttercup syrup Capercaillie "I feel better now!"<


  1. I love the buttercup ad, I actually chuckled! Yes, I have followed your blog for a year and you have made me laugh many times - your dry humour always brightens my day. I imagine in real life you have the kind of personality that lights up rooms and am sure Hot Date will hang on tight. Hope the dark shadows leave your home completely and that your boy 'feels better now' too. Keep on being funny, Betty

  2. A few years back I had a New Years Eve like that and took all the decorations down. Unless you're drunk New Years Eve is very over rated.

    I hope He-Man gets through this stage ok. Mine is almost 18 but struggled with a lot of demons over the last few years. He's finding his feet and seems to be a happier young man now.

    I love reading your blog, it makes me laugh a lot.

  3. Isn`t it strange how that shadow can be very,very long. My eldest was home for Xmas and went to Boxing Day lunch with his father (who allowed his son to pay for it!) and when he came home he was very irritated and asked me some questions about the break-up - 10 years later! Obviously that had been the topic of conversation at lunch. I was FURIOUS - b****** is too kind a word for that ilk.

  4. nota bene and just to clarify - I was furious with the ex, not my son!

  5. Betty - aw gee thanks. that's lovely. I really enjoy getting your messages. Hope 2011 is a good one for you. Buttercup ad is my dad's fave
    IO - Thanks for the words of encouragement . There's nothing quite like being in the eye of a teenage storm
    Nana Go-Go - If only the exes knew the damage the cause.. Ah well. Their loss, my gain

  6. Far too spookily similar, my son had a worry fest and a sleeplesss night due to what his dad revealed to him, he's still not right 3 days later.

    May 2011 be a good year for us both xx

  7. Auntie Gwen - Happy Hogmanay to you! 2011 WILL be a good year I can feel in my old bones. Your son is made of stern stuff he's got you for a mum