Friday, 14 January 2011

I want one of those!

Whilst I admit that the offerings I am most likely to receive are in my earlier post and I have even been approached to participate in a Channel 4 Documentary about parenting and teens. (Sorry but no thanks.) However if pr agencies/product launchers should wonder what I would perhaps promote selflessly here goes
  1. Any new fragrance launch by Jo Malone or Tom Ford
  2. Product tester for Christian Louboutin ( or Le -boob-itin as we call him round ours )
  3. Heated rollers - I am addicted to mine but they're not brilliant
  4. Hair products in general
  5. Rigby & Peller or Agent Provocateur - Real women in real lingerie not stick thins please
  6. All of flight routes as a girlie weekend destinations
  7. Luxury self catering accommodation at said destination
  8. Destination restaurants - see point 6 & 7
  9. Review of comedy gigs for our leading lights particularly if performing at Edinburgh Festival
  10. Cars - ones that go forwards and backwards and engines that don't fall out of them
  11. Family holidays for teenagers who don't want to be within 50 yards of you never mind sat on a plane or in a tent
  12. Film premieres - we love the movies in our house and much of our conversations are laced with filmic references much to the horror of Hot Date " you had me at hello " see what I mean
  13. A love nest for me and Hot Date - I would really promote this above and beyond anything else ever in the whole wide world
  14. Mystery shopping selected gym and spas
  15. Breakfast foods in particular cereal of vast teenage boys size quantities
  16. Baking products. I am currently have to buy in bulk to sate the She-ra baking bug. 5kg bags of icing sugar I kid you not and super duper non stick baking tins of assorted shapes. Eat Me - has a lot to answer for.
  17. Clothes - I look in good clothes. They hide the otherwise not so good out of clothes body that hangs off my bones. Preferably tailored, my own tailor who never reveals my measurements
  18. Mortgages - ones that seem to quadruple what you pay in and miraculously pay it all off in a fraction of the time.
  19. Cleaning companies - yes you can come and clean my house and I'll review it with my white cotton glove
  20. Superdry, Jack Wills, Lacoste & Joules. I think these products need testing on real kids in a real home with real washing machines - don't you?
I think I need to stop there as I can feel my list getting out of control. But if you know of anyone who might just be a wee bit interested in a slightly mad reviewer let them know


  1. If you get too many offers then pass them over here! Your list is just right for me.
    I spent a fortune with Superdry and Jack Wills this Christmas so it would be their way of saying thank you. I could get the boy to pose?

  2. Superdry def - my boys model the entire range... I would be willing to do so too for a price oh, and I have not worn perfume for 16 years (even when I worked in duty free perfume dept at Gatwick! due to oldest boys allergies) - am now willing and able to test chanel no. 5 for example.

  3. Trish - I am a sharing kind of person so of course will pass your way.

    Betty - ah Chanel no5 was my first perfume. I recently bought some for old times sake. She-ra took a shine to it and before I knew it it had nearly all gone.

  4. You know you'd need a second opinion on those, and I think I'm just the one for that :) xx

  5. Auntie Gwen - I agree. I think us mummy bloggers of teens are a sadly underrepresented group when it comes to parenting PR. Does our spending power not count? In some ways I think we must spend more and have to negotiate the cool/uncool minefield too.

  6. I'll have one of everything on that list as well please - although I would like to add a bottle of Pomegranate Noir bath oil and a silver Yard-O-Led Fountain pen.

    Thank You