Friday, 7 January 2011


I am sometimes just a little bit envious of my the gifts that are bestowed on my sister and her blogger mates in the name of PR. I have had a couple of sponsored posts but nothing like the gifts that fall on my sisters shoulders. I am not green eyed with jealousy at the holidays or the kitchen gadgets, the books or the White company bathrobe ( ok maybe slightly at that one ) But lets face it PR agencies reading my blogs are most likely to offer me the following:
  1. Gin or failing that Red wine. I can review that expertleee *hic
  2. Self help books on looking after teenagers
  3. Reviewing camp sites around the UK
  4. Girlie weekends away on the continent
  5. Shoes shoes and more shoes. Heels mainly flats rarely,
  6. Sex including toys and their application rating out of 10
  7. Care for the elderly - see G-man
  8. Poor man's guide to securing a divorce
This list makes me sounds like a hooker from Holland. Maybe they could send me to Amsterdam to try out a window.


  1. For some strange reason the only giveaway I was invited to do was a video about horses - maybe I look like one.

  2. Oh I don't get offered much either :(

  3. You forgot the TENA Lady, the lube and the book on death.

  4. Betty - you are beautiful - neigh very bootiful - damn those of poor eye sight
    Aunite Gwen - Not a tobelone between us
    Laura - Clearly you look a lot odler than myself *ahem

  5. I have a teenager so don't get offered stuff either apart from a Eurocamp break in France (get in!) and an Actifry chip-maker (which I had to give back). I would like lots more of the former please!

    I'd give number 6 a go and we could compare notes?

  6. Trash -you devil you, eurocamp n a fryer n now u want sex toys?