Friday, 28 January 2011

Film 2011

We love the movies in our house. I have been brought up on old black and whites, art house, foreign you name it. I don't think a conversation can pass our lips without some kind of filmic reference comes into play.

I loved Film whatever year it was with Barry Norman, it was even better with Jonathan Ross as his love of film really came through. I quite like Claudia Winklewoman but on Film 2011 she annoys the feck out of me. No one can be that enthusiastic. Just shut up woman!

So far this month we have seen Harry Potter and the latest dirge part 1 - this was OK. we've spent many a movie afternoon watching these guys over the past few years. Seeing the main characters now was like watching your children grow up and go off into the world to fend for themselves. There were a couple of good wizardry bits but on the whole we came away feeling a bit deflated. Why couldn'tthey make it one long film instead. Ol' JK did not do the book in two parts.

Then it was the turn on 127 hours. Cinematography was brill. Some of those shots were truly inspiring. The acting was brill. Even though you knew what was coming it was still hiding behind the fingers moment and maybe even block your ears too. I won't give it away for those who have yet to see it. Lots of" eugh" moments. Can't believe that you manged to be captivated for so long by one actor in a confined space . Brilliant film.

And most recent, Black Swan. Cant decide if it's a bit Emperors new clothes or if it is really good. As I need a guide for the simplest of plots ( James Bond is about my level - just ) this really confused me. We all loved the metamorphosis into the Black Swan. There was way too much sex in it for a 15 certificate for my liking. It was like having to watch The Misfits extended version re the sex with She-ra next to me hiding under her scarf at the oral bits whilst grandad's eye were on stalks loving every minute of the girl on girl action.

Next on my list The Fighter - I mean c'mon, have you see Mark Wahlbergs guns?

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  1. Glad to hear of another 'filmy' family..I used to feel guilty about my kids spending so much time watching films with us..but now they have a great knowledge/interest/hobby and we too tend to do a film reference or 'shorthand' for stuff too.......don't really fancy Black swan but The Fighter? ooh looking forward to that....