Sunday, 23 January 2011

A day in the life of a working stressed mother & lover ( that'll be me )

Today is the first day of the weekend. I have a house full. It has been a stressful week. Last night I went out with old friends, the night before I had my own adult sleepover. Therefore I AM KNACKERED! I have to do lists at the weekend not because I am anal but because I have the worst memory ever.

So casting my eye over my mental list the day looked something like this.
  • Have a bit if lie in - say 9am
  • A bit of blogging drop by as have been very busy of late with a huge cup of freshly brewed cwaffee
  • Clean bathroom ( rather not )
  • Fix car indicator ( oh cock )
  • Go swimming ( looking forward to it )
  • Make pizza dough for tea later
  • leg exercises a plenty
  • cinema
You know that my day did not pan out like that at all for starters try....
  • woken at 7am by wrinklies
  • unexpected phone call from Scottish BFF for nearly an hour - this was lovely but also made me want to drive straight up to Bonny Scotland and give her a big hug. It will be alright.
  • dog comes back from walk with G-man having rolled in a large amount of fox poo. Wash dog immediately in nearest thing to hand, Head & Shoulders. She hates every minute of it and manges to make all her body go very floppy so its impossible to wash her.
  • now I really do have to clean the bathroom all three of them, including He-mans (ew )
  • try to coordinate the wishes of 5 people all wanting to do different things all at that same time. Just as you get it sorted G-man changes his mind
  • go lie down and rest leg and previous point was driving me nuts.
  • schedule in a quick visit to school uniform shop in dodgy part of town for 2 new school blouses that are made out of the worst fabric ever. All for the princely sum of £21 quid. Toilet roll is more robust than these school shirts.
  • collect all the dog poo off the back lawn. I reckon about 2kg? How come so much shit comes out of such a small dog.
  • managed to get my hand into the back of headlights but couldn't fathom how to fix indicator. However the prodding and poking must have worked as it is now working again. Glad I'm not a gynaecologist and this exercise places yet another black mark against the car that is known as the she devil or Renault Megane. Never has a car had so many design faults....* commence chuntering
  • Realise the swimming will have to go by wayside. Damn now have mega skanky hair #skankysaturday rolls on
  • Spent lovely time with step mum in town with She-ra in tow.
  • Was shocked at how many men's heads She-ra turned. Some one get me a burka please!
  • A trip to Sainsbury's for the pizza toppings. When will I learn to cook something with ingredients I actually have in the house?
  • Hurtle out of the house to get to the cinema in time, forgetting Black Swan is a 15 and trying to save money on entrance fee announced she was 14.
  • Had to go to another cinema- caused chaos a ticket machine, booked practically the front row of cinema. Didn't realise Black Swan had so much sex in it. First time G-man has ever stayed awake whilst at the movies particularly at the girl on girl bit, then he had a big grin on his face.
  • Bloody leg kills
  • Bed with a smile as have managed to get the buy in of different people to allow me to have the best ever treat in a few months.
  • Grinning ear to ear

You will notice there is not much "lover" in this post despite its title. Well c'mon something had to give. A few texts were all I could manage today.

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